Doc’s Glam Metal Bands

Doc’s Glam Metal Bands

Doc’s Glam metal bands New Music Pick - Michael Monroe

A new album by an artist on the Doc’s list of favorites has just been released. Many of you may have never heard of Michael Monroe, a rocker from Finland. In the 1980s, this individual launched his career as a musician by joining a local band known as Hanoi Rocks. The name of that band may be familiar to some of you due to unfortunate circumstances. I believe that the Doc possesses a significant amount of Michael’s solo material in addition to almost every cassette or CD that Hanoi Rocks has ever released. This style of music has been called glam rock, glam metal, and even glam punk at various times. He is sixty years old but still plays some seriously badass music. He is also skilled at playing a variety of instruments. If you enjoy this song, you may also want to listen to some of his solo work or check out Hanoi Rocks.

Doc’s New Music Pick - Greg Antista and the Lonely Streets

You can refer to it as power pop, garage rock, alternative indie music, or any other name you choose. Greg Antista and the Lonely Streets are a pop band with three-minute songs that are flawlessly put together. This track can be found on the band’s most recent studio album, which is also their second overall. According to the Doc, there are a lot of similarities between this song and songs by Evan Dando and The Lemonheads. Unsettling is the fact that this song sounds like it should be included on It’s a Shame About Ray. Give it a shot; the Doc thinks you will find it enjoyable.

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