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Doc’s Punk Rock Bands

Punk Rock Bands - Doc’s New Music Pick - Balls Gone Wild

Balls Gone Wild is a German three-piece with a “70s and ’80s punk and hard rock sound with a fresh wind in the here and now.” These guys like to say they result from an extramarital affair between Motorhead and AC/DC. They’ll release a new album in a few weeks to commemorate their 10th anniversary. This is their third album, and this song is the first single from it.

Doc’s New Music Pick - Michael Monroe

One of Doc’s favorite artists has released a new album. Many of you may be unfamiliar with Michael Monroe, a Finish rocker. This guy began his musical career in the 1980s with a small band called Hanoi Rocks. For tragic reasons, some of you may recognize that band name. I believe the Doc has almost every cassette or CD that Hanoi Rocks has released and a lot of Michael’s solo material. This music has been referred to as glam rock, metal, and even glam punk. He’s 60 years old and still making some badass music. He also plays several instruments. If you like this song, you should check out his solo work and Hanoi Rocks.

Doc’s New Music Pick - Vixen77

If The Runaways and The MC5 had a baby, these Philadelphia punk-pop rockers would probably be Vixen 77. An all-female five-piece, these ladies deliver a “fast-paced, no fucks given sound that will put you on your ass,” as they say on their Facebook page. Nothing like a powerful, driving tune that hits just under the two-minute mark. This song is a new single from their upcoming debut release, “Easy Access.” If you don’t like a rock that punches you in the face with no apologies, this band and tune may not be for you.

Doc’s New Music Pick - Change Today

T.S.O.L., which stood for True Sounds of Liberty, was a punk band back in the day. They released two albums and two E.P.s with their original lead singer, Jack Grisham. They hired a new lead singer, Joe Wood (who I believe is Jack’s brother-in-law), in 1984. They also discovered a new drummer. To cut a long story short, Joe sang and wrote songs for four albums. Those albums are excellent, with Revenge being my favorite. Joe’s last album with T.S.O.L. featured only one original member. However, he left the band before the tour began. This was the tour that brought me to the old Aragon Ballroom. I also got to meet Joe, who was a nice guy. The previous album did not perform well and was not particularly memorable. As a result, T.S.O.L. disbanded, but three original members, Jack Grisham, Ron Emory, and Mike Roach, reformed and continue to play today. Many T.S.O.L. fans despise the Joe Wood Era, but I enjoy it. Joe’s first album with T.S.O.L., Change today, inspired the name of this new band. This is the first single and title track from Change Today’s recently released new album. It’s now available on Spotify. It reminds me of the songs on Revenge, so I like this song and the album. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth a shot.

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