The Hard Rock Bands 2022

The Hard Rock Bands 2022

Hard Rock Bands 2022

We'll discuss some top Hard Rock Bands for 2022 in this blog. Doc toke has gathered all the best heads for you to enjoy and be stress-free to the fullest.

Here are the top Hard rock bands from 2022:


German hard rockin' power trio Torpedohead is known for their intense live performances. They have put out several albums over the course of their career and have been active in the music industry since at least 2009. I just happened to come across their most recent single, which was put out in preparation for the release of a new EP, which a full-length album will follow. According to the band's own press release concerning the song, the music video features the band performing in a sleazy bar area with no frills, letting the music do the talking while delivering a stompin' underground rock rhythm with a sticky chorus in typical Torpedohead fashion.

Balls Gone Wild

The German band Balls Gone Wild comprises three members and has been described as having a "punk and hard rock sound of the 1970s and 1980s with a fresh breeze in the here and now." These fellas are fond of asserting that they would have been produced if Motorhead and AC/DC had an adulterous affair and had children. In any case, they will release a new album in a few weeks to celebrate the band's ten-year milestone. They are working on their third studio album, and this song is the first single to be released from it.

Michael Monroe

Many of you may have never heard of the Finnish rocker Michael Monroe. This man started in the music industry with a local band from Hanoi called Hanoi Rocks back in the eighties. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the name of that band may be familiar to some of you. I believe that the Doc has a copy of almost every cassette or CD that Hanoi Rocks has ever published, in addition to a great deal of Michael's solo work. This kind of music has been called glam rock, glam metal, and even glam punk at various points in its history. Even though he's 60 years old, he's still putting out some awe-inspiring songs. In addition to that, he is skilled in other instruments. If you enjoy this song even a bit, you should check out the rest of his solo discography and Hanoi Rocks's.

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