What to Do When Your 18-Year-Old Keeps Buying Pot and Pipes After You Confiscate

What to Do When Your 18-Year-Old Keeps Buying Pot and Pipes After You Confiscate

Whether you are looking to keep your teenager from purchasing illegal drugs or want to protect your family's reputation, there are several things you can do to prevent your child from using drugs. You should first talk to your child about the dangers of drugs, particularly pot. Drugs or the Best pot pipes are typically a sign of social or emotional problems. Instead of making assumptions about your child's struggles, ask questions and try to understand their motivation.

The second thing you must do is make the expectation clear that the drug or pot pipes is illegal. Be sure to explain that marijuana is prohibited in your household and that it will not be tolerated. You also need to lay out consequences for experimentation, and you must be ready to follow through with your consequences if your child is caught.

When your 18-year-old son keeps buying pots and pipes after you confiscate them, it's time to take a closer look at what might be happening. He may use drugs to self-medicate for another problem, such as anxiety or depression. Or maybe he's just trying to rebel against you.

Regardless, it's important to talk to him and find out what's happening. If he's using drugs to cope with something else, then you can work together to find a better way for him to deal with his problems. But if he's trying to spite you, you'll need to set stricter rules and boundaries for him.

Whatever the case, it's important to remain calm and level-headed when talking to your son about his drug use. Yelling and punishment are not going to help the situation. Instead, try to open an honest conversation with him about why he's using drugs and what you can do to help him stop.

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